Diane Burko: A landscape artist and environmental activist

Episode Summary

In celebration of Earth Day, we’re excited to bring you a conversation with Philadelphia-based artist, photographer, and environmental activist Diane Burko. Burko works at the intersection of art, science and the environment. As a painter, she has always been fascinated with landscapes as a geological phenomenon. Throughout her career, she has spent time researching and photographing a range of locations across the globe — from the Wissahickon Valley in Philadelphia to volcanoes in Alaska and Costa Rica. In 2006, her fascination with landscapes became a commitment to addressing the consequential impacts of global warming. In the time since, she has traveled to locations like the Norwegian islands of Svalbard, the glaciers of Greenland, and the Antarctic Peninsula to capture the catastrophic effects of global warming firsthand. Most recently, her work has looked at coral bleaching and the effects of climate change on oceanic ecosystems. In this conversation, Burko discusses her landscape art, climate activism, and the importance of maintaining an optimistic perspective.

Episode Notes

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